Monday, November 2, 2009

World development update!

Yes, yes, things are actually getting done, isn't it odd?

  • Directory methods are implemented. The directory is responsible for keeping track of which servers are running, where they are, and what zone they are running. Servers use this to contact each other, clients use it to find their server, and the directory uses this to find prospective servers to create new zones on. Everything but that last one is implemented. This basically means that the Skirmish client can connect to any running zone without needing to know IPs or anything. It's important structurally, even though noone cares.
  • Morale partial implementation. The morale system is in place and works, although most of the morale modifiers are not running. We can set up classes to behave with respect to their morale, but the morale value itself isn't really changed. That's coming soon.
  • Unit details window. A first cut at a sub-window to show unit statistics is in place. It also lets primary units change classes, which is useful.
  • Commander design. Lots of work on the development and operational design of the commander units. Beginning implementation of this will probably start once morale is more polished up.
Going's been slow recently; been too busy for additional programming time. But it does continue. We're at the point where the game is playable, but it's kind of too ugly and cumbersome to want to. I may take another development detour to actually implement some graphics and effects.

On the list now: Morale modifiers, commander skill basic implementation, client-side data, server-servers, combat-speed mechanics, threat and engagement mechanics, graphics engine integration...

Might be a bit.

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