Monday, March 1, 2010

More updates.

Agh! We did more stuff! Here's the list.

  • Client-side database: We are no longer flying blind on the client side! Previously the only information the client had available was necessarily provided through the communication protocol. This both complicated the protocol and inflated the communication overhead, and was very limited! Now we have a client-side database that can store parallel information, but can ALSO store client-specific information, such as icons and tooltips. I think I'll write a more detailed post about the process and decisions on this one.
  • Client Icons: As aforementioned. We have a 'nice' editor for adding icons into the database and referencing them from actions. States to be added soon and made visible on the client.
  • Classes: Kol's made progress on primary class development; The first 2 ranks of classes are functional (and neat), and the third echelon is in progress. We've also decided on a new way of handling the expansionist class philosophy we had to deal with. I think THAT should also be a new post.
  • Commanders: Eirikr's built up the first couple major skill trees and done a first pass on the skill implementations. Since Skills are more complicated to use than class levels, though, they don't get much testing. We're still working on the client UI for selecting skills (currently it's a big long list of 80 options or something else rather absurd). The UI was waiting on the client database implementation, so that's not far off now.
  • Load/Save: Still bugs with entity storage. It's complicated! The initial methodology for saving entities assumes a complete zone state, and doesn't break cross-entity references. That's not possible for permanent storage, so I needed to break up a lot of internal and cross-entity references to prevent bad data on load. Lots of problems here unfortunately. They're getting cleaned up and it's decent now. Always more to do.
Oh, and we fixed XP and SP gain mechanics. But then it was too slow so we mutliplied it by 10. Yay for 2 levels for killing an Ogre.

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