Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bigger Update :)

Well, there has in fact been progress, despite the painful lack of updatery. Here're some images.

More combat.

I'm honestly not even really sure where I left off. The main development arc for the last couple months has been the rewriting and utilization of the Titan character engine, which I created long ago but never really used. We've now got a way to build a rig, add animations, and drive them from the game data.

The enemies don't have their anims assigned, so they're zombies, pretty much. The first four classes are rigged up with a single attack and an idle, but that's it so far. I've touched up the effects system as well. Rigs can setup binds and add rig props (the bows, swords, shields in the pictures), and visual effects can use the props' binds as well. I made a new arrow effect with a nice clean trail, too, instead of the particle trail from before.

In general the game runs faster, smoother, and plays better. Lots of small things really add up.

Now that the animations are mostly complete on the code side (not by any means 'done', but good enough for now), I'm moving on to scenario development and scripting. It's time to make an interesting setting and prove that the game is fun.

But first, more bug fixing...

Next time. :)

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