Thursday, November 17, 2011

More renders done over night.

Set my machine to render a dozen or so more similar shots as yesterday's post.

Gonna use these to make the Toast 2011 shirt fronts. Back will probably be the same as 2009's.

I wish I could get that lighting quality in the game engine, but these took 40 minutes each on a state of the art GPU renderer, so I don't think that's too likely. I can dream though; it makes the programmer art boxes look good :p


  1. Very nice. Although I must say I'm amused at the level of processing work needed to make simple box-people look good. :P

  2. Weeeell, you could probably make them look good without using the complicated lighting setup I used. I think the scene had 7 emissives (the weapons), 3 additional emissives (off-screen light planes, used to get some additional light on the front characters), 2 fill lights (warm and cold on each side), and the environment lighting. And on top of that, all the shadowing is unbiased 100% correct, which is of course totally unnecessary but kinda neat. :)

    There're some very subtle shadows in there; like to the right of the rightmost foot there's a faint but noticable change of color caused by shadowing the cool light on the left.