Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Updates!

Hey. Since I often do a bit of World-work on fridays, I'm gonna make it the designated mediapostagenessday. Or something. So what's new?
  • New client work in progress still: Main control structures and game initialization protocols are done now. You can log in (or not), select a character (or not), connect to a server (or localhost), then receive data, then make yourself ready (or... not?) to start the scenario.
  • There's a small scoreboard to show other players and their ready-status that'll expand in the future. The game-starting mode is also somewhat setup to show a YOU LOST or YOU WON kind of screen for now. In the long run it's more of a 'scenario complete' mode
So yes, generic new client progress. Once the actual world visualization is in there shall be another video.

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