Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday movie

This week I decided to mess around and play piano over the video, and add captions to show the emphasis and new things, rather than voice.

As for the actual code update; the UI is mostly functional at this point. Aside from side elements (like being able to change class/pick skills) the new UI is noticably more functional than the old one, which pleases me. The scenario got a small update, as did the enemies contained in it. It's still just a test scenario of course :)

I think the next plan is to get back to server implementation for a bit; It's time to write maneuvers! Kol and I have some design work to do and confirm before writing them, but I think I'll try and get myself to write up what Maneuvers will be here, concretely, before implementing. Then ideally when they work and show in the vids it'll be interesting :)

Next time!

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