Saturday, October 6, 2012

Math is Delicious!

Alright, I totally was gonna spend tonight making an awesome movie showing some new fun stuff, like the scenario with 200 dudes, and then knocking them all off cliffs, and stuff like that.

But instead I spent 5 hours wrangling the Jacobian transpose iteration method for syncing our skeletal data to that provided by the Kinect SDK. And massaging the data into proper form, and getting every last damn transform right. It's complicated! But its almost almost there now. I had a serious breakthrough in solving the main problems today. The method is working very well now, except for the hip and torso joints which still corner out for some reason. Once that's figured out there's some keyframe compression required, but then I'll have some nice motion captured imagery to share with the blag.

I never really talked mocap here, did I? Oh well. I'll talk about it when it works :)

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