Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 LAN Mid-Awesomeness Pictures

Monday's over. I'm allowed to run Visual Studio again, so I made some pictures :)

First, the continent mode view after the LAN, in Chrome. Each icon is a unit or a player. Most people didn't explore so they're all at the spawn.

A view in Explore mode from the southern cluster of units, looking at the spawn island. New Eirikr-Glaciers :) The pink spheres are the units; obviously they'll be rigged up as humanoids soon.

Just another view over and in some other new biomes.

The hill with the Kobold King scenario. The enemy commander just reinforces his squad and holds the area. It's up to the players to break his formation to knock out the commander.

It's worth noting that the number of units varies with the player count. This is a picture of only 1 player, but when there were 5, he has a solid hexagonal wall of shieldmen surrounding him, as well as entirely-
too-many archers and bombardiers.

Boulder throwing in Phase 2 :)

Victorious Fireworks!

A side-view of the pvp scenario map hastily thrown together. Players spawn on the left or the right from this view. The 3 capture towers are in the sandy alcove, the stone walkway, and behind the hill in the brown area.

I think that's enough for today :) I'll write up the post-awesomeness tomorrow. Also, I should've taken some screenies during the event, or even just some normal pictures. Alas!

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