Monday, April 6, 2009


Behold, a blog.

Herein, shall be contained the assembled rambling of one Nick Gebbie, more often known as Ventare, being composed of varying topics, including but not constrained to:
  • redTOAST Studios; being myself in conjunction with some friends, developing entirely-too-complex games in our spare time. I suspect much of this blo(a)g will be spent blathering on about our TOASTprojects.
  • Bunkspeed, for whom I work; I'm their Senior Graphics Programmer, so I'm basically in charge of writing the GPU rendering engine used in HyperMove and HyperDrive.
  • Programming in general; graphics programming more often than not. I've had the good fortune to work with a set of excellent (and varied) programmers, so perhaps there's some wisdom to be passed forward.
  • Game Design; often in the context of TOASTdevelopment, but I'd expect some WoW talk scattered about, among other games.
Let it begin.