Sunday, April 26, 2009

Music! Music! Music! Smash!

Now, the introduction down there says that these here blag is for four topics: The World Project, which will inexorably get the most attention, Bunkspeed, Programming, and Music.

So let's get into that last one there. I've been playing unprofessionally for a long time. I composed a bit, though I don't hold much weight by most of my compositions. For the most part this aspect of my life fell by the wayside through college. The only exception was a single course in composition, in which I wrote a piano duet, and then later when I finally had a room for my parents' piano, which was gifted to me.

So I began playing again, just my own tinkering as usual. Rather than writing songs I seem to write basic melodies and chord progressions, and improvise around them. The basic pattern is always very simple, but they are fun to play, and Irene seems to like listening to it.

I've yet to really pin down how to describe the style of music I play. I may be too self-conscious about it to try and define it. So I'll leave that to others. On that note, here's the first decent recording I made. This one has some audio issues (especially near the beginning, it gets better as it gets louder), but stick with it and let me know what you think! This one is a medley of the 6 main rhythms I've been improvising upon.

Medley 1

I'll work on an embedded player eventually, but I'm not terribly experienced at that sort of thing.


Anyway, I'll be making a point to keep recording. Let me know what you think!

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