Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So much to do..

On my list for the near future:

  • Object-effects (mostly done), for things like showing projectiles.
  • Client-side action availability. The data is on the client side, but as of yet unused. Need to show when actions are available and not. Likewise the 'use this now' glow will use the same concept.
  • More data parsing; get first commander tree abilities working.
  • Make formations editable.
  • Make charge/retreat work!
  • Drag-swoosh formation motion.
  • Show commander actions, or get them working if for some reason they aren't.
  • Prep for art:
    • COLLADA import for mesh-effects, character, terrain and props. This would get us some import from CityScape, which I'd like to use to build the environments.
    • Integrate data in database?
  • Start work on standalone client/server app for single-player game.
    • "Local" server.
    • "Local" accounts system without the database backing; for saving in single player.
  • Log-output simulation
  • Commander/squad sims.
And OH god so much more.

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