Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skirmish Update

We were only somewhat productive over the break, but since then there've been some pretty noteworthy improvements and developments and other large words:

  1. Accounting system: There is an entirely new server running, which interfaces with MySQL and implements the account and entity storage system. To go with this, we implemented some new client frontend; a Login screen and commander selection. If no commander is selected, a new one will be created. Anonymous logins are allowed but entities are unsaved.
  2. I'd like to point out that this was a lot of work, and is therefore deserving of 2 bullet points.
  3. New types of states. Conditionals (While) and some new kinds of proc conditions, such as proximity.
  4. New actions. Mostly pulls and jumps. 
  5. Commander training: Commanders can now train their units in new classes. Some classes are 'auto trained' so any new primary automatically learns these. So, now, the Swordsman/Shieldman commander's units will now be able to be either, and simply start as one or the other. This means that combo classes are now available.
  6. No more sticking and sadistic Ogres. Well, sorta.
Gonna talk about building up Commanders next.

Seriously. The account thing is huge.