Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Update!

It seems to be the fate of blogs to be less written over time. Alas, when faced with the decision "Write more code or write more prose?", I've been picking code. It's been long enough that a small update would really not suffice. However, in the interests of getting going again, here's the recent World news:

  New terrain engine integrated into actual game.
  New terrain integrated into scenario editor (somewhat breaking old terrain too), editable in detail.
  Large quantities of time spent tuning movement and lots of improvements to core game behavior; time well spent. Honestly this is probably the most important thing here but hardest to explain.
  Enemy commander groups + updated AI directives system.
  Several new classes for experimentation.
  Expansion of particle effects systems, updates to Kinect motion capture and processing (Wiimote not really working :( )
  New icons source, mostly rid of WoW Iconnery.
  Zones can now change the map graph on the fly (the map, as it were). Still some lingering problems here (say, when someone blows up the spawning area, etc), but it's fun to make craters.
  Multi-zone server; Daemon which runs multiple zones simultaneously. Having this running speeds up scenario launching, but since the cloud server is so slow (micro instance), it still isn't really used.

That's back to mid January. It's been good :)