Friday, March 16, 2012

Forward Progress

No new video again this week. Why? Because I'm not ready to show functioning Maneuvers yet.

Mostly I'm happy to report a fairly functional installer. I've fixed the major problems with it, up to and including fixing the missing terrain, and it's even playable! Heck, even Shalis installed it with no problems and was up and playing (albeit without terrain at the time :) )

Bug fixery bug fixery bug fixery. Maneuvers are neat!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


So, there's no video today, because I spent the night trying to find out how to build an installer for the client using ClickOnce.

And lo and behold, I have one. It works and even autoupdates. It's not as elegant as I wished on the build side, but really when is build management elegant? I'd link it here (since it's on the web, technically), but I'd like to test it with someone on the line first :)

Word! Hopefully it'll work well enough to at least make testing easier! It was always kind of an amazing pain trying to get the app on even local machines to test.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday movie

This week I decided to mess around and play piano over the video, and add captions to show the emphasis and new things, rather than voice.

As for the actual code update; the UI is mostly functional at this point. Aside from side elements (like being able to change class/pick skills) the new UI is noticably more functional than the old one, which pleases me. The scenario got a small update, as did the enemies contained in it. It's still just a test scenario of course :)

I think the next plan is to get back to server implementation for a bit; It's time to write maneuvers! Kol and I have some design work to do and confirm before writing them, but I think I'll try and get myself to write up what Maneuvers will be here, concretely, before implementing. Then ideally when they work and show in the vids it'll be interesting :)

Next time!