Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Works in Progresses

Rather than deliberate and continue waiting to post anything, I'll post a small update without giving it much thought:

I'm planning on making a gameplay video of the watchtower scenario; it's old now but it does show some scenario tech that I never made a video for. It also has the pathing speedups and large unit count that we didn't have before the last video (which was 8 months ago or something crazy).

We've been tweaking game parameters and class mechanics pretty wildly. A few 'features' are totally cut out at the moment, to see how the game plays without them (pressure/engagement speed). We're playing with unit count, overall speed, number of abilities, comboing maneuvers and actions, etc.

We have a system for making things easily, so I guess it's time to play with it :p

But mostly I'm working on the new terrain engine. It's complicated. I'll do a post on it soon as its integrated into the actual game.

Video soon, I hope :)