Monday, July 21, 2014

All back up and onward!

Lo, did the server crash. The existing has died a thorough death, the main HDD auto-eviscerated itself into oblivion. Very sad.

And lo did a new server be created to take its place. Newer and shinier (in theory) and decidedly not sitting behind my couch.

The server's back on Amazon's cloud! Yay. It's back up and running most of the prior services. Subversion is back up, the debug universe is running as before, and the web deployment scripts are there as well. This time it doesn't run a local HTTP server though, it deploys all the files to S3, which also serves the seriously terrible

So that all took some time of course. Subversion history from the first half of this year is pretty much the only loss. Sad but not a problem.

Since then I've written a few new shiny things. Since I was all Serious for the LAN prep, I decided to take a week or two for some Nick-fun features before diving back into scenarios.

  • New Physics based Animations system: We can add limited dynamic bodies as props and stuff: Cloth, ropes, combinations thereof. This means that commanders now have their proper banners! 
  • On top of that, Teams now have optionally assigned team colors and logos, and player accounts have a logo/icon assigned as well. These logos show up on the banners (and will in other places in time). The Whirlwind is my logo, until I make a custom one.
  • Timing update: The sync code between the client and server was written in 2008 and unchanged. It kinda worked but wasn't very good. I wrote a new one. I also wrote a massive change in the client side movement code, and an important change in how locomotion is computed, and an importanter change in timing of animations. End result is massively improved animation stability and much smoother unit motion. Stills can't do it justice. I'll need to movie it up to show. Should do a movie soon anyway, been years.
  • Universe related tools. I made myself some new server entrypoints for viewing logs and stuff. Like this. It's not a big thing. OH, Don't hit those launch buttons. (I expect you to hit them, it probably won't break or anything though)
  • Fixed the busted installer from the LAN. Wee.
That's pretty much that for now. Finishing up tuning on the tutorial before I blast a request out for more feedback, then starting production on scenario #2!