Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It Is Time


I've decided that I like this game, that it is fun, and that I'd like to make it a real thing. Also, it would be kind of awesome to be able to work on it (and/or other games) professionally and full time.

So we're gonna do it.

We're going to make a demo. A polished, complete, but short experience that shows off the engine, setting, and story. A well crafted, focused, and deliberate showing. Not a tech demo, not just the game working, but 2 complete scenarios, and everything about it streamlined and forward. No debug windows, no obtuse requirements to click the right buttons to launch things, nothing obviously missing.

That's something I haven't really done before. It'd be something to be proud of. And more importantly, something that can stand on its own. I want to take this demo and spread it around to professionals in the industry and see what they think. I want to send it to designers and content producers that I respect; and see if they agree that the game is worth making.

And if they do then it'll be time to search for funding. Crowdfunding comes to mind. If we're lucky enough to show the demo to someone who both likes it and has an audience, that could be interesting, :)

But first steps first, gotta make the thing. There's a lot of stuff to decide on and get working. We shall make lists. Yes. Lists.

PS, I think I wrote something somewhat similar a few years ago. I think at the time I was thinking similarly, but I didn't have as much belief that it was actually possible, and I didn't have as much belief in the game mechanics and implementation. I'm actually quite happy with it at the moment. :)

I'll do an update soon; we have a new scripting language and bindings and some trees to look at. I'm sure there's more since July, but right now it escapes me.