Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blaarg Status Update

Though be it a long time since the last update, things have been written:

  • New targetting method: None. That is, enemy units are automatically selected now. No more requisite constant boxing.
  • New enemy panel: Shows health/morale of all enemies, and allows using the new:
  • Focus ability: Used on targets to increase the chances your units will attack the focused target, and units will always target their focus with special attacks.
  • New commander ability: Consonance: Allows nearby units to share health, healing nearby hurt units at the cost of their own health and morale. Certain types of units modify the effectiveness of this effect.
  • New data parsing abilities: New entity creation summons, new AoEs, Group-Buff.
  • Fixes to proximity auras, general fixes to piles of actions.
  • A couple boss enemies. :p
I bet there's more; it's funner now.