Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Skirmish Update

Non-toast life has been a bit hectic and tiring recently, so toast's been back-burner-ified. Nonetheless, progress:

  • Formation system implementation has started. Lots to do.
  • Added some new abilities to the effects framework. Custom effects can be written in the source docs, which allow for consistent AoE and specialty effects, including creating other entities. So we can do patches of fire, create seeking explosives, and create temporary auxiliary allies.
  • This also allows triggering AoE effects from procs and other states, such as a sweeping counterattack.
  • Echelon 3 primaries have been designed and initial implementations are begun.
  • Commander skill design has undergone some coenceptual changes but progresses nicely.
  • Starting design on macro-level game concepts and implementation structure.