Thursday, March 2, 2017

Long time no write

I began this blog to do pretty much two things. Learn to write better, and talk about World. So, rather than worry about structure or style or being useful, I'm going to just write a little bit now.

It's been, well, too busy for Toast in recent months. In August or so of 2015 I left my previous company to embark on a new endeavour with my old friend (and boss), Anthony Duca. I began working as a contractor full time while eeking side time for this new project, sort of working two jobs, but only in the split attentions sense, and not in the spending-too-much-time-working sense. We successfully kept it sane. I continued with Toast during this period of time, but it did slow down some.

In September 2016 we welcomed in our son Brandon to the world (lowercase). Halfway through 2016 or so it became apparent that between 2 works and pregnancy/parenting, Toast was going to slip off the list of things-that-be-doing.

In 2015 I built the AI system which I still intend to write about. In 2016 I worked on Caravan, the scenario that required it. I then rebuilt the AI to actually work. I then had to rebuild a lot of how the scenario worked. I built some tools to improve network performance, and began two other game system projects; A terrain flowing system for semi-solids (sand/gravel types) and liquids, and the Mission Builder, a potentially awesome project which needs to be discussed, but only after writing about AI.

There's still cool stuff to be done and I still desperately want to work on it, but realistically my time will be spent on Brandon, Irene, and then Cavrnus, my new company. I have lots to do there too, and every hour-of-focus I spend on it gets us closer to success. And if we triumphantly succeed... well, then there might be more time for Toast. But, well, while that's a nice thought, there's still lots of work to be done first.

In any case...

Writing is a skill, and one with which I need practice. I'm going to expand my topics here a little. Maybe a little more programming, maybe use it as a place to write about game design, or as a place to whine about game design in the games I'm playing :p

But maybe I should first write that AI post that's been sitting, started, in my edit list since last year, eh?


Thanks for reading.